Portable steel cutting machine Generally have automatic steel cutting machine, steel cutting machine and semi-divided. Automatic cutting machine is also known as electric energy into kinetic energy through the motor control cutter cut, dasion concrete mixer truck parts to achieve the effect of shear reinforcement. The semi-automatic manual control is cut, so cut steel operations. And more should belong to the hydraulic steel cutter hydraulic steel cutter is divided into two major categories of rechargeable and portable. Horizontal Horizontal steel cutting machine is mechanical transmission, because of its simple structure, easy to use, has been widely used. Construction: mainly by the electric motor, transmission, gear box, crank mechanism, the body and the cutting knife and other components. Suitable for cutting 6 ~ 40mm common carbon steel. How it works: driven by the motor through V pulleys, cylindrical gear driven eccentric shaft. In the eccentric shaft with connecting rod, rod driven slider and the movable blade in the machine, slide the seat is concrete mixer truck with pump reciprocated, and fixed to the machine base fixed blade selection made of carbon tool steel and through heat treatment, general ago angle of 3 °, after an angle of 12 °. Usually fixed blade and the movable blade between Jane Xu is 0.5 ~ 1mm. In the edge on both sides of the machine base is equipped with two gear rack, in order to reduce steel swing phenomenon. Vertical Portable steel cutting machine Structure: Vertical steel cutting machines for precast steel processing plant production line for stationary use. How it works: driven by an electric motor powered by the flier pair of pulleys, and then the third gear, and then drive the eccentric shaft by sliding key clutch, realized from the movement of the movable dasion 2012 concrete mixer truck blade and the movable blade with cut reinforcement. The clutch is controlled by the handle out of its binding and manipulation of the up and down movement of the movable blade. Pressing device by hand wheel rotation, drive a reminder of an inner threaded screw up and down helical gears, clamping bars of different diameters.